Our vision, working discipline and professional human resources, which we have developed related to the energy sector, have enlightened our way. The partnerships we have established have expanded our horizons, our desire to be a pioneer, and our imagination has been our inspiration. We just see this long distance, which we have covered with experience of years, as the beginning of our journey. In this journey that will last for many years, we will continue to grow and develop together with the Turkish economy, which we aim to serve with sound steps. In this journey, in order to make sure the energy supply of our country all the time, we will get our strength from our investments we made in the field of energy, the strong partnerships we have established with competent people having experience in the field and from the contributions we made to the country's future.



Important changes have also been taking place in the energy sector thanks to the great steps taken in the development of our country in recent years. In line with these changes, electricity and natural gas are provided with the consumer sufficiently, in a quality manner, continuously, in low cost and in harmony with the environment with Electricity Market Law No. 4628, Natural Gas Market Law No. 4646 and the Electricity and Natural Gas Market License Regulation issued on the basis of these laws. In addition, by liberalizing the electricity and natural gas market and transforming fiscally this market into a strong, stable and transparent structure, an independent regulation and control are provided in this market. In this scope, our company takes its place in the sector with its current and new natural gas investments by realizing various power plants projects such as Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Natural Gas and Coal Power Plants.


Innovative ideas are needed for a sustainable future. A cheap, reliable, quality, sufficient and sustainable access to energy is a basic human right.




Chairman of the Board of Directors



Our country, which is the 8th largest economy in Europe and the 17th largest economy in the world, aims to be among the world's top 10 economies in the next decade. As a group of companies specialized in energy, we have been struggling so that our customers, partners, employees and our country which we provide services possess a better future, by remaining loyal to our goal of growth and pioneering, under all circumstances.


In 2023, we estimate that the electricity demand of whole Turkey will be double compared to today and be approximately 500 billion kWh. Today's current installed power needs to be doubled and reach to 100,000 MW in order to meet this demand. For this target, 5 billion dollars of energy investment is required every year and the private sector's share should be provided to be increased up to 75% in energy by privatizing the power generation facilities.

Message of Chairman

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