Our corporate environmental policy requires that our activities be carried out on the basis of respect for human beings and the environment. Our company adopting the principle of "sustainability" which has great importance in the energy sector at global scale aims to be a pioneer in creating awareness in society about solving environmental and social issues.

In our country where energy needs are increasing day by day with increasing population and investments, our company undertakes to take all necessary measures from the project development stage until the end of the operating period to prevent or minimize the environmental impacts of energy activities that have been carried out and will be made in order to contribute to the provision of sufficient, high-quality, continuous and low-cost energy for public. All activities, from electricity generation to distribution, will be carried out within the framework of principles of protecting the environment and providing benefit with society.

It is clear that when the environmental impacts caused by the energy consumed by each residence and workplace are considered, efficient use of energy even at the smallest scale will contribute to reducing environmental impacts. Our company, which supports the energy efficiency approach and adopts environmental sensitivity as a principle, accepts its own responsibility for future generations to fulfill its responsibilities in order to make sure the continuity of natural resources in the long run while providing quality service to consumers.